Eye On Creation       

About “Eye on Creation”


When a photographer looks thru the lens of a camera, he creates an image of what he sees. When a songwriter writes a song, he creates a picture in our minds thru the words and music he implements. In both cases, whether thru his physical eye or his mind’s eye, he is creating something for us to see, to feel, and to imagine in a new way, hopefully. He gives us his “Eye on Creation” for the picture or song he shares with us. God has an “Eye” on all his creations, so I pray he continues to bless me with creations of songs and pictures that touch the heart, mind and spirit, and, at times, reminds us that His “Eye” is on each of us.

I live and work in Milford as a Security / Network Analyst, along with being a part-time photographer, songwriter and guitarist.  

"Eye On Creation," was created in July 2001 as an avenue to display, promote and share my creative endeavors in photography and music. I have been playing guitar and writing songs for over 20 years and sharing those gifts at His church thru the SHU Catholic Community Folk Group, "His Love", (a community led by Father Bill Sangiovanni of Notre Dame High School) and at various prayer groups in the area like at St James Catholic Church and Milford Beth-El Center for the Homeless.

I have loved photography all my life, to which my family can attest "whole heartedly." I hope I showed the soul, simplicity or grandeur of each church thru my photography in my April 2005 Photo Exhibit, "Churches of God". My work is displayed in Photo Cards, Matted and Framed Photos of various sizes.

In addition, I create imaginative specialized photo cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc using one or multiple photos for that special one on one touch, or take any photo(s) and create single-sided photo cards for mass mailing occasions like Christmas, Baptisms, Wedding Announcements, Graduations, Parties, etc. I also restore older photos / photos from older negatives back to near original quality.

I invite you to contact me if you have any interest in the above or if you have any special requests for photos or for music. For more info call 203-887-7473, visit www.eyeoncreation.com  or email dotspace@eyeoncreation.com.

May God Bless you in all you do and in all His Creations you encounter in life.

Sincerely,    Robert Jones